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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Selling Out

I keep writing posts for this blog I never put out.  They're often too involved in some issue or other that I don't think will appeal.  This weeks blog has been ditched for the following fabulous news.
The Ghosts of Lavenham & Other Stories has sold out.  The first show of the new season has sold out.  I've just added a few extra seats and they were immediately snapped up.  That's the lot, I've hit the fire regulation ceiling - no more.
I'm not used to selling out - it is a novel experience for me.  A good house, yes; a reasonable house, yes; a full house - almost never.  So, it's all speed ahead for the next big show - the first performance of the new and improved version of The Natural History of Trolls at the Quay Theatre, Sudbury in November.  Speaking of the Quay, I spent a lovely afternoon last weekend taking this picture - just me and a few orange penguins.

And whilst I was there I also filmed a trailer for the show.

So, lots of exciting things afoot.  Next time I'll show you all about the creation of my orange penguin.
And that's a blog that will get posted. x

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