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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Complicated Charts

Well, tomorrow is the big day - first rehearsal of this nine day's wonder.  Heaven help us all - it's going to be hard work.  I've done more pre-planning for this show than for any other in my life, and I still don't feel ready.  I've got charts coming out of my ears - props lists, costume and make-up charts etc.  And I need them, because there are far too many moving parts for me to keep in my head.  And making lists means I'm slightly less stressed, which at present I am.  Boy am I stressed.  Because, until rehearsals start, everything is an unknown.  Anything could happen, good or bad, and any slight bump on the road looks like it's going to throw the band wagon into a ditch.  So I make lists, as my form of basic suspension.  Enough of this metaphor, let's move on.
For tomorrow it starts to move from my head into action - tomorrow we block the final scene (which is fiendishly complicated) and do a walk through of the play - so that everyone gets the totality of the action in their heads.  And, as the title of the play suggests, it is a complicated show - there is a lot to get your head around.  But I know my marvellous cast will get through it - as the route has been well planned.
Though I may have changed a bed to a sofa today.  Final decision on Wednesday for that one.

And, because I haven't mentioned them enough, here's the fabulous cast in full.  (Though the list doesn't include the surprise special guests!  Who are, naturally, a surprise.)

CHRISTINE                   –                      Helen Arbon
MATTHEW                    –                     Robert Crighton
SAMANTHA                  –                      Rachel Edwards
KENNY                         –                      Michael Harding
KATY                            –                      Annie Eddington
JACQUELINE                –                      Penny Mills
BOBBY                         –                      Professor Kaos
CHLOE                         –                      Jess Miller
JACK                            –                      Paul Vella
MAXINE                        –                      Gemma Leggett

SIMON                          –                      Mark Littlewood

THE CUPBOARD PEOPLE are played by members of the company

Complicated Pleasures: A Modern Sex Comedy by Robert Crighton performs at the Quay Theatre on Monday 21st July at 7.30pm - tickets available online at (go to the WHAT'S ON section, July and click on the show bar to find the ticket button) or over the phone on 01787 374 745

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