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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Complicated Jacqueline

Last night was one of the last pre-rehearsal meetings - with Penny who is playing Jacqueline.  Jacqueline is the most normal person in the play.  She has no dark secrets, she isn't really someone else, she's just, deep down... an idiot.  A clever and well educated person who does a deeply moronic thing - she signs a contract and her life isn't her own for the rest of the play.  We spent a fair amount of time discussing costuming, as she changes physically throughout the play quite dramatically - though nowhere near as dramatically as Samantha (more on that later).  She changes at the whims of others and her costume is as close to an obvious political point as a comedy like this should go.
Here is a picture of Penny pretending to read her script, just moments after she said she really hated me for not mentioning I was going to take a picture of her pretending to read her script.

Righto - I'm off to meet the next member of cast now and then off to London to perform The Shakespeare Delusion.  It's a busy day.

Complicated Pleasures: A Modern Sex Comedy by Robert Crighton performs at the Quay Theatre on Monday 21st July at 7.30pm - tickets available online at or over the phone on 01787 374 745

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