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Monday, 7 July 2014

We Need To Talk About Simon

Simon is possibly my most twisted creation to date - and that is going some.  He's a small child.  He also believes he is a minor god.  He is played by a puppet.  He is scary.  Here is a picture of the puppet I bought to use as Simon.

He is, of course, fucking terrifying and most people don't want to be within a three mile radius of him.  Which is unkind.  Though if you put glasses on him then he does look a bit like Michael Gove, as all ventriloquist dummies do, so it isn't an unreasonable reaction.
Simon is, according to my script, supposed to be operated by other members of the company - a desperate attempt on my part to reduce the cast size.  I decided that this was too much like spinning on a sixpence and asked Mark Littlewood to voice and move the puppet.  He is a picture of Mark trying not to look freaked out by the evil puppet child.

Note, he's a Simon Sez puppet - I couldn't not buy him!
We spent a pleasant morning going over his lines and generally testing out the capabilities of the puppet.  It will need some adjusting (the mouth makes too much noise when you operate it - so I'll stick a few bits of felt onto the jaw to muffle it) and his legs are something of a nuisance, but otherwise we're very pleased.  And in a few days time I'll release the spanking video, to really freak you out.

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