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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Imaginary Duck

Milk Bottle Productions Presents...
The Natural History of Trolls
Right, first a bit of business - here is the full cast list again, with the various changes made.  These are the wonderful people of the cast.

The cast - check earlier blogs for names...
(On for all three performances)

Robert Crighton
Georgina Blackledge
Jessica Moore
Sophie Morris-Sheppard
Pamela Flanagan
Richard Ward

Charlotte Hunter
Philippa Tatham
Simon Nader
Emma Burn
Sally Gilfillan
Ailsa Ilott

Sophie Carmichael
Denys Gaskill
Jessica Tobert
Josie Bloom
Kate Steel
Matthew Harrison-James

Elizabeth Jee
Jamie Addlet  
Gillian Horgan
Elizabeth Quinn
Elizabeth Nicholson
Colin Emerson

They should all be found in the previous six or so blogs with details about their wonderful selves.  

Now, there is one member of the cast we haven't talked about yet.  He is the most important part of any Milk Bottle show living as he does in our hearts.  I speak of the Imaginary Duck of whom I am protector.
Let me tell you of the Imaginary Duck.  He is a calm beast to the eye of the spectator - floating along on the surface of the waters of the drama.  No discernable effort is displayed by the Imaginary Duck.  But underneath the surface of the waters the feet of the Imaginary Duck paddle at a terrific rate, churning up the liquid of tragedy, pushing against the fluid of comedy, forcing the evident body of the duck towards its ultimate aim - the shores of total satisfaction that all audiences crave.
The cast and I live through the spirit of the Imaginary Duck, we work hard to reach our destination - your contentment - but do all that is in our power to ensure that you do not see our little feet work.
All hail the power of the Imaginary Duck.

You can tell I really haven't got anything serious to write about today.  Rehearsing stories and monologues is incredibly dull I can tell you, it's the performing part that's fun, so forgive me if I take a little time off to write nonsense.  
The Imaginary Duck is actually a company in joke, after someone mistranslated the title of a Moliere play during a rehearsal.  Le Malade Imaginaire.  Of course we should call it the Imaginary Mallard, but Duck flowed better.
As I wrote this I thought I'd put Imaginary Duck into a search engine and see what came up.  I found this Could-becoming-an-imaginary-duck-change-your-life?  It's a strange universe.
Anyway, that's just one of many pointless things we do at Milk Bottle.
Till tomorrow, when there's something with a little more weight.

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