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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Writing in the Rain

Following a relatively light Summer workload it's back to the grindstone.  Big things are afoot in the world of me, and Storyteller.  I'm about to finalise the line up for the London run of Storyteller and have now gone into rehearsals for the Ghost Stories show.
It's been raining again.  Good writing weather, rain.  I'm fond of rain, it stops any of those unnatural urges to go outside and accumulate vitamins.  So, progress on GhoStoryteller - as this many titled beast is generally known.
Well, for the first show the line up goes - The Ghosts of Lavenham, which unexpectedly burst into new life yesterday.  It was originally a very dark, atmospheric story - and a little self indulgent.  There also wasn't much of a story - a mysterious figure wandered the town and stuff happened.
Now, there are characters - characters with names and lives, hopes and dreams, desires and expectations.  The story contains the line: 'Alexander played Risk and ate cheese'.  It has both humanity and the ghostly realm living side by side.
That follows a lengthy opening section all about 'real' ghost stories from the area and there's room for another section of similar local information - should it appear.  Getting reliable stories is proving harder than I thought.
The second half is mostly concerned with poltergeists - because they are the most active and interesting kind of manifestation.  One long story, featuring a character called Molly, and then at least one short, about the haunting of a house by the spirit of Mrs Ludlow.  There are lots of short stories coming together - but I'll probably save those for later shows, to fill in any gaps which are created when I drop the local ghost element after the first show.
But for those who don't like the rain - here's my latest blog where I wander Lavenham in the sun.  Enjoy.

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