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Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Milk Bottle January Newsletter

The run at Barons Court is over and we're taking a little break now to regroup, plan and prepare for the year ahead.  We'd like to thank everyone for their help, it was a really great run this year and much fun had by all.  The Natural History of Trolls really grew across the run and was beautifully performed by all the casts throughout the year - and we sold out our second print run of the script well before the end of the run!
As always your help is vital.  Please, spread the love.  If you're a facebook person then do join our group Milk Bottle Productions or follow Robert Crighton: Storyteller.  If you already do, then share it with your friends.  Or if you’re a twitter person @RobertCrighton:Storyteller.  Or check out Robert's blog
Help spread the word about the work we do.  It really does help.

There are few plans for many performances before the autumn, just a few one offs, as Robert has decided the duck and cover method is the best way to get through the run up to the Olympics.  However, we do plan to tour a revised version of GhoStoryteller for the autumn and another six week run at Barons Court at the end of the year - performing a number of stories, new and old, over the run. 
Rough Artwork for Pickwick
One of the projects planned will be a reading of the Complete Pickwick Papers over Christmas - in a similar fashion to The Complete Holmes from 2010/11 - with a shorter 'selected papers' performances for single nights across the year - the first planned for May.  We will also hope to produce our second CD (and umpteenth book) of the GhoStoryteller show available in autumn.

Beyond the writing work that Robert's doing (adding finishing touches to GhoStoryteller and other editing work) we're just about to start work on the first of the productions for Storyteller 2012 - The Examiner of Beauty - a full length version of an earlier story The Examiner of Small Ailments.  The new script is mostly complete and will be added to during rehearsals across the year.  This, like Trolls before, will be the show that will get a higher profile than other pieces, with higher production values and a larger team.  We're looking for collaborators, actors, designers, sound and lighting people to help create this work - more details will be released next month about that. 
For those who haven't been following the shows so far, details can be seen on Robert's vlogs (video logs), his first vlog this year, covering much of this newsletter, can be reached by clicking here.

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