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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Adventurous Americans and a Shaggy Dog Story.

An odd trend has hit my blog this month - the sudden rise, and I think rise is an apposite term, of hits (viewings of my blog) from America.  Now, America has always been a steady source of hits and I'm delighted to hear from people all round the world.  The Germans, French and Russians are less avid readers, but still quite interested in my antics in storytelling.  But getting traffic from around the globe is not the odd trend as mentioned above; it's that, suddenly, there's been a huge spike in hits on one post. So many, in fact, that this last month more people have been looking at the blog from the US of A than in the snow drenched shores of the UK, which is odd, as I don't know anyone in the US, whereas I post a link to this blog to people I do know in the UK.  Which suggests that the UK is sick to death of me, whereas the US has finally succumbed to my charms.
So, I looked at the post, first put up in July 2011 and concluded that, as there was a mention of the US in it, then a search engine has pointed them in my direction out of computerised nationalist tendencies.
Then, I looked further down the post and saw that much of it was about a little manifesto I'd written for a season of plays in 2010.  At last, I thought, wise people in the US have caught onto my brilliant thoughts and are flocking in droves.  Yay!
Then, I looked at what these wise people had typed into their search engine to bring up that post.  And the real reason appeared.  It rose up before me, positively engorged with logic.

Here are the entries in order of hits, highest at the top, typing errors included

1. cuckold
2. amateur cuckold blogs
3. amatuer cuckold
4. bizzare cuckolds
5. breeding wife cuckold
6. cuckold hot wife
7. cuckold men

Now, these could have been perfectly innocent enquiries into... I don't know... Restoration comedy or something, but I the last item

8. cum drinking cuckold

did rather confirm the worst.
The blog post in question did mention a play called Cuckold's Fair, which is about the above issues (including number 8, it isn't a piece for the faint of heart) but it wasn't a post aiming to assist in the practical propagation of infidelity.  These are not difficult to find, as I discovered when researching the above play.  My faith in humanity did diminish slightly.  My inner Bagpuss cried.
But the above eight were not all.  The list of sources of the hits on my blog concluded in two searches that hit different posts in my year long output.  The first of these searches was for a perfectly respectable actress friend of mine who was mentioned in passing this year, but who shares their name with a celebrated pornographic athlete from another country.
And no, I'm not telling you who she is.  I might even have already removed the name from my blog just in case. 
But worse was yet to come.
The second search was for this:

day old dogs for sale in cork

So, apart from my mailing list, followers and friends online and the usual suspects, all other hits on my blog has been for porn or a shaggy dog.
I can feel my ego whithering before me. 

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