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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Press Release - Quay Theatre Artist In Residence

The Quay Theatre has just announced the arrival of its first ever Artist in Residence - award-winning writer and performer Robert Crighton.  At a packed launch event this Sunday lunchtime, live streamed on the internet, Robert was finally allowed to let everyone know all about this latest and most exciting of projects.
His programme of events involves an online project recording the early British drama Before Shakespeare, a season of Shakespeare's poetry and street theatre, as well as the centre piece of his residency Project 10/52 - ten shows in fifty-two weeks - one man, one year.  All ten shows are new works, to be written and produced by Robert over 2014, starting with a weekly audio broadcast of a new work on January 1st and ending with a big production at the end of the year.
"A theatre isn't truly alive unless there is an internally driven artistic agenda," says Robert Crighton.  "This is about bringing art - theatre, poetry, images - to the people of Suffolk as well as to anyone with an internet connection.  All the productions will be ticketed as Pay-What-You-Want, so anyone who is hard hit by the current economic climate can still come and see great theatre.  Also, to make this happen I'm looking for alternative ways to fundraise."
Fundraising is being done online with a crowd-source funder, as well as with special live events over the next couple of months - including a special one-to-one storytelling show, The Storyteller Will See You Now - where he will be performing the story Problem Tree on Saturday Lunchtimes on the 12th and 19th October and his acclaimed production of The Summoning of Everyman on Monday 11th November at 7.30pm - booking can be made by calling 07704 704 469 or contacting Robert online.
"I can't expect to find any large subsidy to make this happen," says Robert, "so crowd source funding is a brilliant tool, because it connects you directly with your audience before the show has even happened.  And it means I don't have to look for big sums from people, just ten pounds from many is enough to make a real difference."

The residency has already started, with the first recording work for Before Shakespeare underway.  Robert hopes to involve as many people as possible in his work, so expect also to see some random pop-up events and street theatre over the next few months - if you want to be part of them, or be there to catch them, then follow Robert on Twitter @RobertCrighton where he will be posting regular updates as to what's going on.

For the full launch speech for the first ever Artist in Residence at the Quay Theatre, click here.

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Press Contact: Robert Crighton
Tel: 07704 704 469

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