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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Storyteller Saturdays

I've been testing out a regular Saturday slot for storytelling down the Quay  (where I am Artist in Residence don't-ya-know) and have been very pleased with the results so far.  So, I'm going to keep it up.  It's now called Storyteller Saturdays and, excepting the the odd week when it won't happen (like this week), I'll be down the Quay Theatre every Saturday lunchtime performing stories, many of them one-to-one, some not.  It'll be mostly for those who pre-book, just send me a message via email, twitter, text or even by phone, though if I have gaps I will take anyone who's in the building - and it's all Pay-What-You-Want, so no pressure to break the bank. 
Each story will be around 15/20 minutes long and will utilise different techniques - both the stories I'm telling for the rest of the year will use a lot of technology to work, but next year I'll be going commando... technology wise.
So, two stories for the rest of the year - the very well received (see audience feedback below) Problem Tree returns for another two Saturdays in November, then a world premiere of a new piece, An Audience with Mors De'ath, which features one very sad figure who is not unlike the grim reaper - who is not only Death, but also deaf.  It's the bane of his odd existence.
Next year I'm planning to tell a number of stories - a new version of Sleep Inc. which I've only performed a couple of times and never got round to tidying up.  It's a doctor's appointment with a difference, where the patient finds that his sleep has been stolen from him and he'll have to pay to get it back.  I performed it earlier this year and I want to make it a bit further, darker - though it is largely a comedy.  Then there will be a piece currently titled Ambassador for the Future, which it literally what it is about - an embassy building over a hole in time and space, where the future holds court with the present.  
There are other stories and I'll probably ring the changes every month or two - depending on the audiences over the year.
The bar is open, there is often food, it's a lovely way to waste a bit of your afternoon.

Milk Bottle Productions Presents...
Storyteller Saturdays
Lunchtime Storytelling at the Quay Theatre
Problem Tree
Performing Saturday 2nd & 9th November from 12.20pm
“My father was a lovely, kind, reserved...
Nut job.  I say this in the nicest possible way.
When he died he believed that he was both fifty
and a hundred at the same time...”
Problem Tree is the impossible story of one man’s father and a tree that can’t exist.  A story of the First World War, of running away from your past and hiding in the future. 
The World Premiere of...
An Audience with Mors De'ath
Saturdays 16th, 23rd & 30th November from 12.20pm
Mors De'ath has an odd life – being Death and all.  But really he just wants to be understood.  This is his story.
All stories written and performed by award-winning storyteller Robert Crighton, Artist in Residence at the Quay Theatre.  Let Robert guide you through his alternative vision of the world in the genial environs of the Quay Theatre. 
All stories performing at 20 minute intervals from 12.20pm
Book your story by calling 07704 704 469
or email
The Quay Theatre, Quay Theatre, Quay Lane, Sudbury, CO10 2AN
Praise for Storyteller shows – Problem Tree (2013)
“How fabulous!  Thank you Robert.  I will keep thinking about aspects of that story or two stories!  Truly wonderful!”  - Jacqueline Cooper Clarke
“Absolutely brilliant!!  Light and airy, dark, happy, sad, perfectly crafted and enjoyed every minute.  Bravo!” – Peter Day
“Funny, weird, intriguing, enthralling.  That’s the story.  The storyteller, knockout.  Beautifully delivered.  A thoroughly enjoyable experience.” – Kevin Roychowdhury
“Totally brilliant!  Mesmerising, intriguing, I could have sat for another 20 minutes!  Thank you!” - Marion Tuke
“Strange – atmospheric – absorbing...” Peter Walker
“Keep on inventing, please.” Maria Walker
“Transported to another world – interesting and totally relaxing!”  Liz Cole
“Superb piece.  Interesting concept and staging.” Alan Scott
“Really enjoyed this story, a truly original and bizarre tale told very well.”  Jo Brooker
“Mesmerising experience, the story and the telling.  A worthy experiment of form, pleasing, disturbing, absorbing.  High recommendations.” Cecil Qadir
“A lovely experience, both soothing and stimulating.  Highly original – well performed – transported to another world.”  Anthea Halstead
“The Shanachie lives!  A weird and wonderful experience!” Denis Brogan

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