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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Cavendish Calling

I really had fun this evening.  It was one of those performances that clicked.  It could have easily not done - as a few things conspired against me.  Or rather these things did.

Wall mounted heaters...
The heating.  It was a surprisingly cold day and the Cavendish Memorial Hall is many things (nice design, good atmosphere) but thermally efficient it isn't.  But I knew this and so left in good time to get the heating on early.
Cavendish Memorial Hall - all cleared away...
When I had a look round the space I was shown all the secrets - one of which is that the heating is powered by coin metres.  So, I'd sad to myself the other day - make sure you've got plenty of pound coins.  Which I did.  I loaded up my wallet with them earlier in the day.
What I forgot to do was then put my wallet in my pocket.  It was only when I was half way to Cavendish that I realised why my jacket felt a bit light.  Quick u-turn and much swearing later I was able to pick the key up only a little bit later than planned.
Then I realised that I didn't know precisely how long a pound in the metre would last.  An hour - more - less?  This was a problem, because if I got it wrong it could conk out in the middle of the show and freeze everyone to death.
Which it nearly.  Luckily, it conked out just as I was starting.  30 seconds later and the evening could have been ruined.  As it was I could rush up to feed a few more coins in.

And then the show - which felt really strong.  I felt on form.  But, of course, I could be delusional - here's what the audience said.

Audience comments: 
"Great one man show!"
"Thought provoking - thank you."
"Totally memorable! Thank you."

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