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Friday, 29 April 2016

Complete Wartime Memories

For those just in, here's a player for all five episodes of Wartime Memories - each episode is around 10 minutes long, so about fifty minutes as a single listen.

Wartime Memories: First Hand Recollections of the Great War by William Coleman
In the early 1980's, William Henry Coleman, a veteran of the First World War, was persuaded to talk about his experiences. What he didn't realise was that he was secretly being recorded.  This is a series of restorations of that footage, released for the first time, with a specially recorded interview with his grandson, Alan Scott.

NB: Due to the archive nature of the recording and the context of its creation, the audio quality is extremely variable - if the stories told do not always yield to a first listen, hang in there, it's worth it.
The voices you will hear are: William Coleman on the archive recording, Alan Scott in present day interview and the producer Robert Crighton in the background.

This series is supported by Patreon - to support more work like this from Robert Crighton go to

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