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Friday, 26 August 2016

Live from the Get In

Next week, I'm launching the first of (hopefully) a regular series of comedy nights from the Quay Theatre in Sudbury - live streamed on the internet.
is over an hour of radio comedy and sketches – live from in front of the set of whichever show is getting in the following week at the Quay Theatre with a wonderful cast.  New material, sketches and monologues – it’s an hour of laughter, curated by me and streamed live online.
Tickets are available for the live show at
And the live stream can be heard on the night here -
Saturday 3rd September at 7.30pm GMT  

This show couldn't happen without the support of my patrons - if you think you could contribute to the work I create, go to and see if you can help.

What is the show going to be?  Well, it's a comedy show - so I'm aiming for it to be funny.  The last couple of days a theme has emerged - so the sketches are mostly about what our world is really like.  There's a return of the Museum of Tat, as a live event, the latest news from a very odd committee meeting and the future of health in a privatised world.  I don't want to say more, because then I kill the comedy.  There are also at least three incredibly bad jokes.  Fully awful jokes.

Even though I've had several rehearsals, I keep forgetting to take any photos - so here's the fantastic cast for the show mostly in words...

Abbie Broom -
Abbie is talented local performer, who I have regularly planned world domination with.  So, she's joining us in a sketch about a village hall committee meeting.

Heidi Bernhard-Bubb -
Heidi recently played the prospective father in law of my daughter in The Tempest.  Heidi is playing Professor Fidelis Graeber, our guest speaker for the first live performance of The Museum of Tat.

Gillian Horgan -
Gillian has returned to Milk Bottle after appearing as a duck and other animals in the last comedy show, Hang. She is performing various parts for the show, including the internationally performed monologue Sleep Inc. 
Gillian is from Cork, and trained at Drama Studio London.
Theatre credits include: the one-woman show #nofilter at The Bread & Roses Theatre, The Conservatory at The Bread & Roses Theatre, Storyteller: The Natural History of Trolls at The New Wimbledon Studio, No Dogs at The White Bear, Susanna at Theatro Technis, Tilt at The Cockpit Theatre, Famine at The Old Red Lion Theatre, and Monsieur Venus at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Screen credits include: The Wives Did It, Persona Non Grata, The Inner Life of Veronica, Wounded, Three, Forget-Me-Not, Camden Calling, Verge, and Black Coffee. Radio credits include: Hang.

Sîan Notley -
Sîan has performed in countless shows (not actually countless, I just will never count them) including a number of readings of early English drama I've produced over the years.  So, I've cast her as pie maker extraordinary Tyb.  Her husband in the scene is played by...

Mark Jenner -
An actor who has also appeared in many shows, possibly also countless.  I've directed them a few times as well, together or separately.  Mark is playing John and spends a lot of time playing with candles in a suggestive way - which will work brilliantly on radio.

Michael Fouldes -
Michael isn't in the show because of a prior commitment that he'd forgotten about.  But as he's part of the double act that is The Museum of Tat, I thought you should see a photo the meeting we had about the show before his wife pointed out he was doing something else that night. He's almost apologetic in the photo, before the fact.  He will be performing in the next live show.

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