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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Dear Shakespeare

It's a busy time at the moment.  Rehearsals for Undead Bard continue apace (I'm working against the grain by doing early morning rehearsals rather than late evening... it's interesting), distribution of my audio work has stepped up a gear (the new audio work is going out on audioboom as per usual, but I'm also doing them as YouTube videos, as some people find them more approachable, and I'm about to go off to do some directing for The Yellow Wallpaper which is showing in November (more info to come).

But I thought I'd stop and ask the world for their thoughts on Shakespeare - I've been doing enough telling, now for some listening.  A new part of Undead Bard, that I'm trying to create at the moment, is called Dear Shakespeare.
If you could write to Shakespeare, what would you say?  Suggestions on a postcard/comment below/tweet @RobertCrighton

Dear Shakespeare...
Milk Bottle Productions Presents...
By multi award-winning writer and performer Robert Crighton

Shakespeare is dead, but he just won’t stop talking.  His words are immortal, but they keep changing.  Award-winning writer and performer Robert Crighton explores the current boom in Shakespeare and how everything is now devoted to his holy name.  Undead Bard is an unholy smorgasbord of play, comedy, and music, pulling apart Shakespeare, Bardolatry, and the modern world, for your pleasure.
More details about the show and online podcasts on the Undead Bard at

Audience Comments for earlier ‘Undead Bard’ show ‘The Shakespeare Delusion’ (2014):  “Fabulous production... Just recovering from high octane performance of @RobertCrighton The Shakespeare Delusion #immense...  I SO knew where The Shakespeare Delusion was going - & I was SO wrong!!! Chekhov meets Berkoff as performed by Stephen Fry.”

Performing at Theatre N16
Sunday 2nd October to Thursday 13th October at 7.30pm
Matinee Saturday 8th October at 3pm
Tickets £12 / 10 concessions –
Theatre N16, The Bedford, 77 Bedford HillSW12 9HD -

All this work is supported by Patreon - without the support of my patrons I could not do shows like this.  To support more work like this go to

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