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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Advent Calendar Day 9

You open the door and it's a Christmas episode of The Other Day!
Christmas of DOOM

And here's a round up of the Advent Calendar so far...

Day 1 was the official opening of The Museum of Tat virtual gift shop.
HORRID MUGS?  We've got three designs! (Well, two really - a general mug design, and there are specific left and right handed versions of the second.)
NEVER WANTED A MUSEUM OF TAT DUVET COVER?  We've got your nightmares sorted!
WANT TO SMOTHER SOMEONE IN TAT? We've got a pillow for that!
I'm not joking - this pointless tat is now available online NOW!

Day 2 was a new episode of The Other Day - Phone of Sacrifice, recorded live before a mute studio audience. LISTEN HERE!

Day 3 was a repeat of an old fake Christmas appeal - but I did do a new graphic for it. (My computer was dying, be glad I did something you ungrateful bastards. P.S. I love you all.) LISTEN HERE!

Days 5 to 8 were the first four episodes of
Attack of the Christmas Squirrels!
The story of what happens when one man's hatred of early Christmas advertising meets his secret squirrel training project.
All episodes have been released on my patron page - but because it is Christmas you'll be able to listen without pledging anything.  Though while you're there...
Go back to Episode One HERE and Episode Two HERE and Episode Three HERE and Episode Four HERE!

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