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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Inquiring After Juliet

Cecil Qadir as Capulet - looking very cross...
Rehearsals have begun for The Juliet Inquiry, my next short form drama for Project 10/52 (Project 4 no less) and it's a slightly different process.  Instead of presenting my cast (or witnesses rather) with a finished script I'm present them with the scenario (not quite the same as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) and a rough script, which we read through several times, looking for ways into the character.  Then, with a live monitor connected to my computer, I'm rewriting the show as we go along.  I'm the chief QC running the inquiry, so I present them with questions and together we create answers.  It's not quite as collaborative as it sounds, as I'm doing most of the physical rewriting, but it is nice to do a show where my vision is less prescriptive, where I haven't made all the decisions in advance.  And with such a fabulous cast - see angry Cecil photo as evidence - it is a joy to do.
The final show will be recorded (touch wood) and will be available to buy later in the year.  Those who wish to see the show, email me now, as there are very few seats available (about 23 at the last count) and it will sell out.

Milk Bottle Productions Presents...
A World Premiere Written by Robert Crighton
Artist in Residence at the Quay Theatre
Based on the story of Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare
Specially commissioned to celebrate Shakespeare's 450th Birthday

A complete re-imagining of the play where the story of Romeo and Juliet is told as a modern day public inquiry.  In this version the Montagues and the Capulets were once close families - until their children fell in love. This is the story of how love can tear apart, as well as heal, and how that love can seem when put under the public gaze.

Wednesday 23rd April at 7.30pm
Tickets: Pay What You Want
Performing at The Lavenham Guildhall - doors open from 7.00pm
Tickets can be reserved by phone on 07704 704 469 or via email at or from the Lavenham Guildhall during opening hours

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