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Monday, 10 October 2016

Soooo... I'm quite poor now

Continuing the theme of my last post, the problem with doing a piece of theatre, an act defined by the relationship between the performer and an audience, is that without an audience the whole shebang falls apart somewhat.  And, more importantly, you end up being quite poor.
Let's not be vulgar and discuss precise amounts of money - but here's how the balance sheet stands.

Income:  Ticket sales - about eight sold over the run (three pre-sales, plus some walk ups)
Total Income:  Bugger all.

Costs:  Venue hire, publicity, transport, rehearsals, technical... etc.
Total Costs:  Far, far, faaaar too much.

Sooooo... I'm quite poor now.  How can you help, internet?  Well, all I've ever asked for is an audience, a chance to sing for my supper.  There are four ways you can help.

1.  I've a live show radio (Live from the Get In) coming up the end of the month.  If you're in the Sudbury, Suffolk area, or know someone who is, please book tickets and come.  It's also being streamed online - have a listen.  Saturday 29th October, at 7.30pm - LIVE FROM THE GET IN - The Comedy Ghost Show - come dressed up, have a laugh, have a drink, and go onto whichever Halloween party you might have been invited to that night.  More on this show will be blogged shortly!  Tickets can be found here - live streaming on the night here.

2.  Buy a script!  I've a whole load of Undead Bard scripts unsold, they're really quite good and they'll be signed!  Use the paypal link and order one - there are a couple of old scripts available as well.  Well worth a read.  If you're going to Live from the Get In, then they'll be available there too. Any problems with ordering, get in touch.

Script Sale
3.  Become a Patron!  I've so many wonderful patrons - though not many use my official Patreon page.  This is a really easy, one stop place to help support my work, and you're linked into everything I create automatically.  It's a monthly payment system, it will take tiny amounts, and you'd be amazed how quickly donations of 70p a month really start to stack up into a proper budget for a show.
To become a patron go to

4.  Invite me round to do a show!  I do house parties, telling stories and entertaining you - invite me to yours, get some friends, food and wine round, and I'll do a show in your living room.  I generally pass a hat round at the end of the show and it's a blast.  There's some more info on my website - or just contact me direct.

Regardless as to whether you can make a show, buy, or donate, my work is going to continue online and live for the foreseeable future and I will make as much of it free at source as possible.  For those who missed Undead Bard I will be creating an online version soon and there may be some live one off options coming up.
Thanks people, comrades, supporters and random google searchers.

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