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Saturday, 26 November 2016

In the Darkness... Waiting

As the darkness creeps ever more over the Northern Hemisphere, I retreat further under the duvet.  It's not a depressed thing, it's a planning thing.  Most of my projects are now done for this year.  They're edited, or soon to be, they just need to be released.  Coming up over the next few weeks are...

Hang - the radio comedy that started it all, the story of an ordinary man who wants to be a zebra. Released to none patrons next week.
The Museum of Tat Christmas Special - because you deserve to know what horrors await you.
And perhaps a few surprises...

But mostly I'm planning.  I'm planning a production of The Time Machine for next April; I'm planning a production of As You Like It for July; I'm planning the next two Live from the Get In!s; I'm planning and writing and typing up notes on dozens of audio projects for next year and beyond; and I'm planning a mini tour of The Tat Roadshow, the live version of our radio show.

And I'm planning something else.  Something a bit different.  Something I will need collaborators for.  
Next year I need comics, storytellers and blessed lunatics for shows - all need, ideally, to be based in Suffolk/Essex, for a paying job or eight.  If you've got a project that you're interested in pursuing, be it comedy, drama, storytelling - then I'm looking to produce it.  
Get in touch by email and we'll talk: 

In the meantime - here's some draft artwork for the next Live from the Get In! Tickets are on sale for the next show - 4th March - at

My work couldn't happen without the support of my patrons - if you think you could contribute to the work I create, go to and see if you can help.

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