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Friday, 8 April 2011


Fabulous news - I haven't been able to mention it as the contracts hadn't been signed, but Storyteller will be coming to London four months early, this July - but only for three nights and - most important - there is no guarantee that when it comes back in November the story/ies will be the same.  We'll be at the New Wimbledon Studio and I can't wait - especially as I'm hoping to work with lots of other people on this project.  I got very tired of being alone for the last show.  But these things are not what this blog are about.  This is to chart the progress of the show - Storyteller - as I write it.  And I'm a little late with my blog this week.  For this stuff got to the vblog

I've been at something of a disconnect for the last two weeks or so.  That isn't to say I haven't been active, but I haven't quite been in the room.  In the next week or so I'll be gearing up to Teaching Gods: The Ultimate Selection, putting the finishing touches to the first Storyteller show and countless other acts (creative and often not) and so, feeling myself drift, I didn't fight it.  This week I can afford it, next week I cannot. 
Sometimes we are not inspired, but as professional creatives we carry on regardless.  And sometimes you are feeling inspired and the world knocks you off your perch and you lose the moment.  Any strong emotion will tend to bend your will away from the task in hand.  For example, being in love - impossible to work effectively whilst in the first throws.  Deep flaw in the plot of Shakespeare in Love. 
Not that I'm in love or anything - just angry.  It was watching the rolling coverage online of the arts cuts last week that threw me completely off any real progress.  The more I looked, the angrier I got.  I'm not going to get political about this beyond IT'S ALL COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY - WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE - AGGGGGHHHHH!
And then I'd make another cup of tea, sit in front of my laptop in the garage and try to make a passage in Storyteller work better.  The problem looks something like this - you sit down and write a story called The Natural History of Trolls.  You pull this story apart, put it back together and finally rewrite it totally.
Then you have an idea for all the material you ripped out - rework it as a prologue to the main story.  Marvellous.  Should work.  You've got the bones of the story there - cut and paste - brilliant.
Now make it good.
Whilst really angry.
So I did some admin instead - designed a poster - direct a rehearsal for Dancing at Lughnasa - printed off the contract for the New Wimbledon Studio - sent some emails - watch almost every documentary Adam Curtis ever produced - direct another rehearsal for Dancing at Lughnasa - look at a stove - buy a book of stamps - post contract - shoot a lot of penguins late at night when you can't sleep - cut 12 thousand words from The Rivals for a youth theatre production - listen to the rushes for Bink! CD release - re-edit an opening for Teaching Gods - direct another rehearsal for DaL - walk the dog - drink a lot of tea - go to various meetings - notice that it's a lovely day.
Ah.... that's better.  The words move again, progressing on that expressway out of mediocrity and into the city of words that sing.  Well - that'll be for the audience to decide.  I could have set my sat nav incorrectly.

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