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Monday, 18 April 2011

Trolling along on the crest of a wave...

I've been a little quiet in blogging terms for the Storytelling show - but that's partly because for the last week or so things have been picking up speed.  I've been assist directing The Revengers (running at Barons Court in three weeks or so), rehearsing Teaching Gods: The Ultimate Selection, directing Dancing at Lughnasa and generally feeling the get up and go.
Most importantly the final work on the first Storyteller show is reaching its conclusion - partly because it just is, partly because some of it has to be ready in a few days. 
Two points follow from those statements - first point: the first Storyteller show?
Well, Storyteller is the blanket title for any storytelling show I'll do this year, but there will be more than one of these.  The aim is that when I get to the London run over Christmas I'll have two or three different shows which will change every few weeks a. to stop myself getting bored and b. to fit the changing season (something Christmasy, something New Yeary).
Second point: ready in a few days?
Very soon I'm going to open auditions for storytellers and performers for the New Wimbledon run in July.  The first set of auditions will be online and then there will be a physical audition for those who aren't technically minded on Saturday 21st May.  Which means I need to have a section of text performable for auditions.
The main body of the show The Natural History of Trolls is written and bedding in.  It'll change over the next couple of months in little ways - little cuts, rewrites, new words - but nothing needs obvious rewriting.  As followers of this blog will know it's the other sections, the subplots, which are still is disarray - which is unfortunate, as these are the sections the rest of the company will perform. 
I say are in disarray, that's no longer true - they are almost complete.  But there's still a lot of work to do.
Trolls is now structured like this:
Prologue - consisting of four short monologues, with some of the backstory, set in the distant past.
Trolls, Part One - the main bulk of the story, set in the present.
Interlude - consisting of four short monologues, with more backstory, set in the less distant past.
Trolls, Part Two - the conclusion of part one.
I've also created two different openings to the show - neither of which has won me over yet. 
So, it'll be a matter of honing down the Prologue and the Interlude, ready for the auditions to start.
That's where it's at.
Next blog - audition info.

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