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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Operation Orange Penguin

Today I wandered around my local town dressed as an orange penguin, plus sandwich board announcing: "Don't think about orange penguins!"  It was a surprisingly pleasant experience.  I might take it up as a hobby on weekends, simply to see the amused / bemused smiles on peoples faces as I wander by.  I'd hope to think I passed on a little happiness.  Several people stopped me to take a photograph, some people asked me what it was all about, and one person tried to convince me that evolution doesn't exist.  Now really, if I was trying to peddle intelligent design I wouldn't choose a flightless bird as one of my converts. 
The flyer (see what I've done there) I was given listed 15 reasons why evolution doesn't exist.  I'd list them all here, but they are quite repetitive, so I'll just mention my favourite: Reason 6.  "Living things look like they were designed, so how do evolutionists know that they were not designed?"  It's a sentence like that that makes me understand why Richard Dawkins tends to go a bit over the top with his athetism.  I didn't engage the flyerer with much conversation, partly because I think our world views differ quite widely, but more because I was focused on the difficult task of being a penguin. 
I decided in the end not to do flyering myself.  It wasn't easy to do for a start as I couldn't really see, though if anyone did engage me in a discussion about the costume they were rewarded with paper. 
I bought a poppy, which I haven't had a chance to yet this year, I waved to small children (a bit of a waste as the show isn't for them) and after an hour and a half realised I was sweating rather a lot.  After the photoshoot last month (see below) I have added a few holes which solved a lot of the ventilation problems, but even on a cool day like today the temperature soon builds.
I stopped for a coffee and took stock.  I may not have sold any additional seats for the show - I don't like street hustling - but I do think it caused a bit of amusement.  So, my work here is done.
I'll be in town again on Saturday and hopefully will get a few pictures taken as I wander.  Till then, ta, ta!

Milk Bottle Productions Presents...
The Natural History 
of Trolls
Written and Performed by Robert Crighton, plus Special Guests

“Whatever you do, don’t think about orange penguins!”
Multi-Awarding Winning Storyteller Robert Crighton is returning to his roots with a new collection of stories for 2011.  Featuring his trademark wit and dark humour, Storyteller will draw you into unusual worlds and introduce you to people you’d not normally meet.
This first collection is called The Natural History of Trolls, three stories covering a hundred and fifty years of history, two Queens and their subjects in the fairy kingdom.  Midst this epic timeline is the story of an ordinary commute gone wrong, when a troll-like tramp in an Underground carriage turns out to REALLY be a Troll.
Funny, thoughtful and with occasional attempts at wisdom, let Robert Crighton and his team of storytellers lead you through a world like ours – just a little off centre. 
15+ age guidance.  Not suitable for young children.

Sunday 20th November at 7.30pm
Tickets £7 / £6 Friends of the Quay
The Quay Theatre, Quay Lane, Sudbury
Box Office: 01787 374 745

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