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Monday, 14 November 2011

Radio Times

I've done a few bits on local radio in the past.  I've a natural face for radio, of course, and I like talking, which is apparently what people like to here on air.  So, yesterday was an adventure into the world of London community radio - the lovely Anjul and Jenny at OnFM invited me along for a natter about the show, along with their other guests.  And natter we did, for a good hour or so, about all sorts of topics beyond the obvious plugging of show.  In fact, I even gained an additional cast member - my fellow guest was a film critic with a very rich voice perfect for storytelling and who has, subject to dates, agreed to join the GhoStoryteller show for one night in December.  More on that soon.
I did intend to take a few pictures whilst there, but I completely forgot, so I didn't.  Which is a bit sad.
The day before the radio show I was in Sudbury doing my penguin act again.  I did arrange my good friend Marian to film a bit of that - to be seen below.  Though I present it here as a mockumentary.

This week the publicity machine gears up a notch, as do rehearsals.  It's a big weekend coming up and a lot of footwork to get everything together.  A tryout for GhoStoryteller on Friday, all day rehearsals with the cast on Saturday and Sunday, leading up to the performance of The Natural History of Trolls at the Quay Theatre.  Busy, busy...

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