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Monday, 28 November 2011

Underground, Overground...

The Natural History of Trolls is largely set in a disused Underground Station, King William Street.  For the purposes of the story I ignored the true history of the site in the 20th Century, focusing on real history only for the early building and decommissioning of the station.  The tunnels couldn't be used as I suggest in the story, and they are in no way fit to handle the action of the tale.  However, I loved the early history of the station and couldn't resist allowing a train to stop at the platform today (physically impossible for oh so many reasons).  There are other disused stations where a request stop is more plausable - there are more suitable ghost stations about - but I wanted the story set in that part of the Northern Line and so I ignored the rather sad alterations to the station during World War Two and other obvious problems reality causes. 
I have no problem with these 'lies' as there are lots of ways I could explain them away, if I wanted to be pedantic.  But for those who want to see what King William Street looks like today, then do follow this rather excellent link - it's quite addictive.

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