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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Dickensian Sex Pest

It's been a good first week - nice audiences, lovely responses and a mostly successful commute.  Here's how the week went.
Monday: Get In.  The cast and I all arrived in a staggered fashion across the morning according to my cunning schedule.  I arrived early to sort the lights and stuff and then Georgina and Sophie arrived with the props and set dressings.  And Tinkerbell, of course.  But I'll write about Tinkerbell another time.
First we slowly went through all the lighting and sound cues - we do these ourselves, as there are always two people off stage at any one time.  Then we did a slow tech run.  Which went well.  We all fall down.
Tuesday:  We do a fast tech, low energy, in the afternoon prior to first night.  The audience liked it very much, though we did make some changes to the show afterwards.
Wednesday:  The audience were very focused.
"Dickensian sex pest..."
Thursday:  We had a reviewer in from Remotegoat.  He described my costume as "a sort of Dickensian sex pest".  Whatever that is.  I think it'll look good on a t-shirt.  There is an unfortunate / funny story about Thursday night, but that's for a future blog.
Friday / Saturday / Sunday:  Really nice audiences, the scripts of the play selling like hot cakes (will need to re-order this week if we continue in this way).
Overall a good start - now let's see how this week goes.  See you there!

P.S.  The spell checker on this blog does not recognise the word blog.  Now there's an existentialist conumdrum for you.

The Natural History of Trolls
Tuesday 29th November to Friday 23rd December 2011
Tickets £12 / £10 concessions
Tuesday to Saturday starts at 7.30pm – doors open 7.15pm.  Sunday at 7pm, doors open 6.45pm.
Box Office: 020 8932 4747
Barons Court Theatre, “The Curtain’s Up”, 28A Comeragh Road W14
Nearest Tube:  Barons Court (Piccadilly/District Lines)

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