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Friday, 23 December 2011

Saying farewell to the Trolls

Well, Christmas is nearly upon us and that means we're nearly at the end of the run for Trolls.  Yes, by the time this blog goes out I'll be on my way to London for the final show.  Maybe you'll be on your way too, to watch, obviously.  It's been a great year in so many ways and I'm very proud of the show as it's come out.  And, of course, it isn't over yet as after Christmas I've ten performances of GhoStoryteller. 
But I can't stand still for long and have to plan for next year.  What will I be doing?  Well, GhoStoryteller will be returning next autumn and will be on offer for tour dates across the country - and will probably return to London next Christmas.  In more immediate times I'm going to take the next few months off performing to write, network and generally hustle to get funding, collaborators and venues sorted for autumn onwards.  I'm directing a couple community projects so as not to get too bored, but in all probability there won't be a Milk Bottle production till after the Olympics - the duck and cover manoeuvre is suggested most favourably for that event.  I would like to produce a revised version of one of my old stories and bring it to London for next winter - but I'm taking a look at a lot of options at present.  I'm thinking of doing something completely different and crazy next year - but I just don't know.  Uncertainty is my middle name.  Actually it's Paul.
Whatever the plans turn into, I want to involve more people - I've met some lovely performers this year, now for a few more - and some technical people as well, perhaps.
Lastly, I'd just like to say thank you to Georgina Blackledge and Sophie Morris-Sheppard for being a wonderful cast these last four weeks, you've made it all so easy.
Merry Christmas, or what you will.
Robert Crighton xx

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