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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Unexpected Early Arrival of Squirrels

One of the projects for Project 10/52 is my private home show - Attack of the Christmas Squirrels.  I'd intended to launch this show in July, making it project seven, I think.  However, I've been rather busy with home shows and other private gigs this month and so I've brought the first performance forward.  By six months.  Eek.  As a squirrel might say.
A little background - I do storytelling, I do readings, I do a lot of telling people stuff to their faces.  It's fun.  I did one, readings of classic mysteries, the other day and everyone seemed very happy.  But I planned to create a special show to tour to peoples houses, not just any old material, something created for a house setting.  You would organise a party, fill your house with people and I'll appear to entertain you.  All you have to do for my payment is pass a hat round.  So, if you'd like to have a storyteller come and visit you, I'm on call - or I'd planned to be from July.
But, since I announced the plan people got in touch and wanted something now - which is lovely.  So I said, for now it would have to be an old show as I don't really have time etc.  And then I wrote Attack of the Christmas Squirrels six months early.  Yesterday.  I'm tweaking now.  And testing the show out on Friday.  Sooooo, if it works I'll put in some midnight oil, tighten it up and offer my services from March onwards.  You read right, the July show will be available in a little over a month.
Book an evening with me, get some friends round and I'll tell you some silly stories.  Just email me or give me a call 07704 704 469.  So far this is on offer for the UK only, but I could be persuaded to travel quite far if possible.
And don't worry - if Attack of the Christmas Squirrels sounds like a Christmas show - it sooooo isn't.  It's about a chap called Reg who hates it that Christmas adverts come around earlier every year.  So, it's a sort of anti-Christmas show.
And it has squirrels in it.  Regulars on the blog will know that I have promised that this will be the last cute animal I will use in a story.  I've done cats, hamsters, badgers and various others.  So, no more animals.
Apart from Hang, which will feature a zebra.  And lots of animals.  Apart from that.
P.S. Part Three of my online storytelling show Lost Tribe of the Trolls is available now!

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