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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Video of the Watching

Okay, not the post I planned to write - stories of the dead kind can wait.  But last night we recorded the first bit of material for You Have Been Watching.  A friend (and benefactor to Milk Bottle) is off to Middle Eastern climes, but wanted to be in the show.  We did discuss skyping his bit in - but decided that might be asking for trouble.  So, instead we videoed him doing the first 'story' of the show.  YHBW doesn't really do storytelling as such, but this was close enough.  With a hot off the press - almost literally, the pages had just about cooled off - script, a pair of sunglasses, a camera and an auto-cue we were off.
And what is this material?  How will I be using this video?  Well, the simple answers are, not telling you and not telling you.  This is one of those frustrating things about blogging about stuff like this - if I tell you and you see the show (largely impossible for the majority of the viewers of this blog) then it'll be a bit ruined.  I won't just be using a screen and showing a video - that would be dull - it is more human and interactive.  In fact, for those who know Mr Adam Webster, currently waiting in a departure lounge to catch his plane, you will discover he sounds very different to normal.
And now I'm off to rehearse for a bit in a production of She Stoops to Conquer before open rehearsal number two for YHBW.  Where we test out the soundscape and find out if my plans will all crash and burn.

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