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Friday, 9 May 2014

First Broadcast

This afternoon was the first performance of The Milk Bottle Radio Show - a little under one hour of words from me, mostly by Shakespeare.  It was oddly stressful, preparing and rehearsing it - though it is supposed to be a relatively light touch show.  I had some technical issues before going live, but luckily they resolved themselves and I didn't massively cock it up.  There were a few minor slip ups in the text, but it was live, what are you going to do?  I thought the reading of Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis went well, though I waffled on too much before the Before Shakespeare contribution, a speech of 'Delight' - which I think is a fascinating bit of a lost medieval play.  And I read the wrong bit at the end.  But no one has complained.  Yet.  If you want to have a listen - here is the first show, available until the end of the month.
So, more next week.  I'll finish off Venus and Adonis and then after that put together more of a mixed bag - including my shorter monologues and a reading of the original version of Hamlet.  And also maybe bringing a few guests in to help with the Before Shakespeare section.  What would you like to hear?  Let me know.  @RobertCrighton or email
The next show is on Friday 16th May at 3.30pm - which you can listen live to here
Or you can listen again afterwards and I'll post that online after the show on my Twitter feed.

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