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Friday, 2 May 2014

Radio Ham

I've been playing around with live audio streaming for a while now - and I've just got a computer that should mean I can live stream more than I have been.  So, ladies and gentlemen, let me announce the start of the Milk Bottle Radio Show - it'll go live on Fridays at 3.30pm (GMT) and be available to listen again for a month after.  I'm not going to promise a show every week, but that is the plan.  It'll be a mix of storytelling and readings, taking in my own storytelling work, readings of classic stories as well as picking up the sadly neglected work for the Before Shakespeare Project.  But I'm going to start with a bit of Shakespeare.
One of the tasks set aside for my Artist Residency at the Quay Theatre was to perform all the poetry of Shakespeare.  I had planned to release a bit of poetry every day in little chunks - either the sonnets or broken down other work.  The year has got a little bit more busy than planned, so now I need to make good.  So, the plan is to start the live broadcasting with performances of the sonnets and narrative poems.
So, to start with I'm going to perform Venus and Adonis on Friday 9th May at 3.30pm on my ustream channel - after that, we shall see.
And the first Milk Bottle Radio Show is now available to listen online
Future shows will be available to listen every Friday at 3.30pm at

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