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Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Inevitable New Year's Message 2015

2014 was one hell of a year.  For me, it's going to last well into January 2015.  I made a lot of plans and promises for 2014, most of which came true - but there are lots of loose ends, additional thoughts and wrapping up to do, so there'll be a lot on this blog about things that happened, and lots of things that didn't.
But what are my plans for 2015?  Well, to some degree, not be so rigid about my plans.  I'm primarily looking to tour my Everyman show and my house shows and properly get them out and about.  I'm also slotted to do a revival of another medieval play The Pride of Life.  Both feature Death as an important character.  So perhaps I should call 2015 my year with Death.
I will be doing lots of other shows around these project - short ones, long ones, some as big as your head - but a lot of this will be virtual work, existing online, or will appear as pop ups.  I am, frankly, exhausted.  2014 was great, in many ways, but it was a huge drain artistically and emotionally, and I don't see myself writing anything major for a while - or, at least, I don't plan to force myself to.  I may just end up doing it around other stuff.
There are still several projects which I've got on the go which didn't fit into 2014.
Invigilation – the Musical (a one-to-one project); Beware of the Blob & The Brain Eaters (a double bill of projects based around my love of B-Movies - gutted I couldn't fit them into 2014); Shiny Medusa (which will probably be music based); The Single Source of All Filth (which isn't really anything yet) and Metal Harvest (which is slated for some kind of development maybe this year).  These are all shorts, half written or in development.  I've also two full length plays I might write.  But, as I say, I make no promises to do any of the above this year.
I will be doing some more work creating recordings for my Before Shakespeare project, as this will fit in with the opportunities presented by Everyman this year.  It maybe I'll focus on plays by other authors this year, rather than by myself.  It might be a good change.
Whatever happens around Everyman, I can't do it without you - my wonderful readers, followers, friends and supporters.  I must take a moment to add a special thanks to Roz & Denis Brogan, Cecil Qadir, Heather Clayton & Richard Fawcett, Helen & Neil Arbon, Sue Clark and Adam Webster for contributing money upfront for my Artist Residency.
I will probably have a clearer package put together for fundraising in February to support the tour, but if you want to help support my work and I, then please make a little donation now.  There are no rewards, just my silent thanks - but any donation will make the new art of 2015 possible.  Thank you.

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