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Friday, 9 January 2015

The Summoning Toureth

I'm not publishing any dates for this tour yet [actually I have now, they're here! - Ed. Future Robert], I'm still talking to people and I'll be adding dates as I go along - this is a general info burst to anyone out there who might be interested in seeing it.  I can and will perform this piece anywhere in the UK from March onwards, mostly in small spaces - village halls, churches, rooms, houses.  All I need to share this event is a small room and seven other people - as such it can even tour to private houses for anyone who wants an alternative evenings entertainment.  If you're interested in seeing this play, either for yourself or your community then don't hesitate to get in touch.  I usually work on a Pay-What-You-Want basis, so don't let budget put you off.  
Contact: Robert Crighton - 07946 652 196

Milk Bottle Productions Presents...
The Summoning of Everyman
An Interactive Theatre Production –
Adapted and Performed by Robert Crighton

Everyman has been summoned by Death to meet his maker - and he doesn't want to go.  This interactive performance brings his struggle directly to the audience, asking them to become part of the story, to stand in the footsteps of Fellowship, Good Deeds and even Death himself.  Will you help Everyman make his peace? 
Previous audiences have and said:  “A one man tour de force... gripped from start to finish... a mix of pathos and humour all done with a light touch... a real privilege and honour being there... having volunteered, with no acting experience whatsoever, was guided expertly throughout by Robert... an hour very well spent...  I’ve come to see it again!  What more do I need to say?  In awe of the intensity!”

Everyman was originally written in the late 15th Century as a morality play – it has been adapted by award-winning playwright and performer Robert Crighton as a piece of interactive theatre.  The audience is invited by Robert to help make the story happen – without them the story cannot be told.  This process turns a dry late medieval play into a piece of living theatre, one that can be shared in terms of the early 21st Century

Touring in 2015 – any dates from March 2015 onwards.

Ideally Robert is looking for a small studio space / village or community hall / or even a small chapel space.  The playing area must be on a level with the front row of the audience so that audience members can be brought into the event.
Audience capacity – Robert can do the intimate version of the show, from around 20 people – up to a maximum of 100, depending on space. 
The show is available for box office splits or for a hire – depending on the venue.
Tech Spec – no special lighting, a general lighting state throughout – though ideally this needs to be warm and muted.  No sound equipment required.
Running time – orbits 1hr, though this will depend on audience size and the pre/post show may vary dependant on venue.

Contact Robert Crighton: 07946 652 196 /

Robert has been developing this production on and off since 2013 and this is the feedback from the audiences so far:

“We were so impressed... Robert Crighton is a one man tour de force he has you gripped from start to finish.” Fiona
“A rewarding experience both as an audience member and a participant!! A fascinating interpretation of this medieval morality tale and I recommend it highly - a mix of pathos and humour all done with a light touch that makes for a compelling one man show.” Nick
“Excellent show - really enjoyed it.”  Rachel
“It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience – it was a really great, amazing performance... it was a real privilege and honour being there... Touching and inspirational.”  Phil
“Robert Crighton is the master of the art of communication by one to many...”  David
“As a volunteer I so pleased to be part of this brilliant thought-provoking show. Having volunteered, with no acting experience whatsoever and being pretty reserved,  was relieved and very pleased to be part of the Show (not only did I not have to say anything was guided expertly throughout by Robert). It was a fantastic experience and I was so pleased to be part of this excellent performance.  I would certainly recommend Robert and this 5 star performance to Everyman and Woman!!   A truly sensational performance by Robert!”  Dan
“This was theatre played direct and simple - and all the more affecting for that.”  Annie
"A veritable tour de force... Thought provoking, challenging and amusing..."  Stephen
“Great acting and what a memory!”  Arthur
"Fantastic - very creepy, strangely chilling..." Matt
"Wonderful performance - thought provoking!" Sheila
"This was the second time I have seen Everyman. Every bit as thought provoking and profound as the first. An excellent evening's (contemplative) entertainment..." Michael
“Moving and very engaging – an hour very well spent.” Denis
I’ve come to see it again! What more do I need to say?” Kevin
“A great performance – brilliantly executed.” Anthea
In awe of the intensity!  The skill remembering the words – amazing.  An experience thoroughly enjoyed.” Belinda
“An amazing story told in an amazing way by an amazing storyteller.  Utterly brilliant, well worth watching.”  Adam
Totally captivating.  Fantastic storytelling from an accomplished performer.” Annie
Tremendous show.  A tour de force.”  John and Jenny
“The audience becomes part of the performance; you see individuals become immersed in their part. Wonderful stuff!”  Liz

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