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Monday, 2 February 2015

Everyman Daily Report: 1

Christ it's cold. It isn't really that cold, by my rehearsal space isn't great thermally, so I'm mostly not using it - I'm doing text work. So, progress report on Everyman. I know the first speech to buggery and the God speech in chunks, all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order. The Death sequence has undergone a few minor changes and I remember from last time how difficult it can be to get right. This is the first section that requires real work on the physical text. I want to really pull the confrontation of Everyman by Death apart. And here I have a new toy to play with - or will when the weather warms up a bit and I got from text to movement. For the moment it's all in the words baby. But the words are mostly in my brain still, even after over a year has passed since the last performance.
The last bit I looked at today was the speech Everyman makes just after meeting Death - which is brilliant and terrifying. I'd quite like to sign the speech as I say it - hell, I'd love to be able to sign the whole play, but baby steps. So, I'm looking for a signer people - anyone know someone who can help? Internet, can you hear me?
Tomorrow, between the admin for the tour (so much to do!) and food and stuff, I'll be working on the first rejections of Everyman up to Good-Deeds. I'm hoping to have reviewed the whole text by the weekend, relearned most of it, and be ready to explore the physical realm next week.

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