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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Everyman Daily Report: 6 & 7

It's been a sedate but busy old weekend and now most of my ducks are in a row.  I'm just sent off the first batch of press releases and tomorrow will do the local newsletters and start buying advertising.  The flyers will also arrive tomorrow and, once they're been stickered up, I'll be out and about again, letting the world know about Everyman.  If you're at the beginning of the tour it's getting really close now, if you're at the end, you'll wonder what all the fuss is about.  But I know, blink, and you'll miss it.
Beyond the admin I've doing the last purely text based work.  I planned to have gone over the whole text by tonight (Sunday) but I've got three pages to do tomorrow.  That's not quite true, I might have gone over it all by the time I crawl into bed (I have been rehearsing late) but that would technically be on Monday, so I've failed.  However, the words of the play are now, by and large, back in my head, with three or so weeks before my first performances for students at Essex University.  Next week I'm going to be moving about, playing with the physical score - but next week I also have competition for my time, as I've got a performance of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on Saturday.  Life is really getting busy.
Yesterday was photo/video day - or evening rather, I needed the darkness.  Though that won't be the end of it - the photography will be a continuing process - I'm looking to create something for Everyman each week, as I try to perfect imagery for the show.  It's not easy, because I'm trapped in the same problem I always have for a one-man show.  All I've got to photograph is one man.  And there are only so many ways to do this.
More importantly, I want to document the show properly - as there are no photos or videos of this show at all - nothing since I started on it two years ago.  This needs to change, but I'm not sure, yet, how I'll do this.
Anyway, here's a little vlog of a retired costume from the show - the original, very creased, shirt of Bad Deeds.

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