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Monday, 9 February 2015

Everyman Daily Report: 8

Over a week in and the printing arrives - Huzzah!  Which means I now have to distribute everything... booooo.  So, the next couple of weeks will involve my walking around a lot looking for places to take my flyers.  But it'll give me a chance to scout out some places I've never been to, take some lovely photos and pointless videos and maybe meet some new people.
Today has been mostly an admin day, getting press releases off and sorting advertising, but I have caught up with the last text work and even moved the text about a bit.  My basic plan is this - for the next seven days mix up general text work with specific blocking and movement work.  I'll then have ten days before the first performance - so it's a full run each day plus detailed work on a short section of the text.
And now, some video footage of boxes of printing...

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