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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

First Night in Darkest Offton & Willisham

ROAD CLOSED.  Never a good sign.

I really liked these curtains as a back drop for the table...
As signs go, it's not up there with FREE SWEETS or WE ARE CURRENTLY RUNNING A GOOD SERVICE.  I wasn't worried that I wouldn't make it to the venue - I'd been forewarned, there was access - but that it might put off the audience, which when your show is Pay-What-You-Want is really not good.
I meet up with my generous hosts for the evening and set up.  And they really are good at Offton and Willisham Village Hall - welcoming, helpful and really enthusiastic.  I was put onto the space by a friend Mark, who was in The Juliet Inquiry last year and he suggested touring the show there.  It went well and so I was really looking forward to coming back.
Slowly an audience arrived and the ritual began.  Share your Good and Bad Deeds - and the conversion begins.  It's usually around how difficult it is to think of a Good Deed and how hard it is to choose a Bad.
And they're a good audience, they listen.  The space works well with the play - a slight echo, enough to create atmosphere, not enough to destroy clarity.
Afterwards it's time for tea (I'm on antibiotics at the moment so can't have alcohol - boo!) and a chat with the audience.  Finally home and this blog.  As per, here are some of the Good and Bad Deeds we shared.  And a v. short snippet of video - I didn't have time to film more.

Bad Deeds:
Believing that I haven't done a bad deed!
Cheated on a test
Eating Whale Meat (Yummy!)
White Lie
Drinking in Excess
Over Indulgence
Got Up Late
Road Rage
Not Listening
Shot a Rabbit
Did not clean my teeth
I / will have wasted a myriad of opportunities to do a good deed.
Didn't put the wife's Valentine flowers in water - they were a bit floppy by 14th Feb

And one for debate...
Deliberately letting a competitor win a race

Awaiting the audience...
Good Deeds:
Looking after Grandchildren
Raised a family who have raised a family and married a woman who cares for others
Always be kind
Giving your time to charity
Helping others
Raise money for good causes
Volunteered for the RDA
Youth Club Sailing Instructor
Volunteered at youth group
Loaned money
Oiled kitchen cupboards
30 years on Hall Committee
Youth Offending Panel
Flowers to a sick friend
Helped a lady out by mending her clutch cable by the roadside
Cleaned my elderly neighbours wheely bin

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