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Monday, 15 February 2016

Patreon Launch - Audio Adventures For All

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Friday is a big day for me - it's the beginning of a whole new chapter of my work, and you're all invited to join me.  Until now I've been a mostly theatre based animal - producing (possibly) far too many new shows every year and chasing my own tail.  But now I'm shifting the way I distribute my work - focusing on a just few live shows a year and instead producing more audio work for anyone in the world to listen to.

To make this happen I'm launching myself on Patreon - a crowdfunding site which supports artists in the long run, rather than by projects.  Rather than asking you, my lovely audience, to fund a project, to book tickets to see a specific show or quietly pass me money and help behind the scenes, I'm asking you to fund my work on a monthly basis.  It doesn't have to be for much.  It can be as little as a pound a month.  You can stop or change your amount at anytime.  It's entirely open ended.

What do you get in return for your money?  Well, firstly, you get content.  You'll get radio plays, audio readings, audio essays, new work, old work, every month in differing quantities and styles.  That's a given.  By giving something you give me a budget to make this stuff and (if there's enough of you) not starve.

Depending on what you give, there are other rewards... (all in dollars, but I'm sure your bank knows what they are if that's not your native currency...)
For $1+ a month you get a BIG thank you and regular updates
For $3+ a month, you'll get the above, plus special online content just for the Patrons.
For $5+ a month, you get the above, plus a shout out on the content.
For $10+ a month, you'll get the above, a physical extra thing sent once a year.
For $50+ a month, you'll get the above, ticket discounts for live shows and have the option of getting your name in a story!
For $250+ or over, you'll get the above and the option of a live show in your own home - we'll talk.

And the more that gets given, the bigger the work gets.  I'll be able to hire more actors to do plays and monologues, so that you don't just hear my voice (which, fantastic as I think it is, is a bit much all year round!) and to upgrade the technical quality of the set up.  I've got some amazing ideas I want to get out there, audio projects that are all about sound and not just audio only versions of my stage works.  It's down to you to make them a reality, for EVERYONE.

If you can't give anything (and that's cool) then please share this with people online, with your friends, with everyone, because every little helps.

This is all starting on [editor: NOW!] when I'll launch the Patreon page and all the extra gubbins - so this weekend, don't be a stranger, get in touch, give something!
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But even if you see this later on, still join in, it's entirely open ended.  That's how these things work.

And here's a little taster of some of the things I've done so far...
Full Radio Play: Historic Crimes
Audiobook: The Natural History of Trolls
Audio Comedy Series: The Museum of Tat
Random Audio Comedy: Hear If be Knews

And some of the things to come...
All new audio recordings of popular stories from my back catalogue, including Problem Tree, Sleep Inc., Cuckold's Fair and a new version of The Examiner of Small Ailments.
Then they'll be a new edit of Hang and all new radio dramas, provisionally titled, The Great Detective, Why Aren't? and Commentary.

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