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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Patreon - Learning by Doing

So, not long now till the big launch for my Patreon page and I'm figuring out, vaguely, how to make it happen.  Several interesting things have come up as I've troubleshooted (troubleshot?) the set up.

1. Internet Explorer can't see Patreon.  Well, that's not quite the case, the default setting for the older version hasn't got the correct setting enabled, so you have to adjust this manually.  DON'T PANIC.  It's very simple and you can just email me if you need a hand ( or on Twitter @RobertCrighton) - I don't want to stop anyone pledging if they wish to.  An easier solution is to use a better internet platform.  Like any one other than IE.

2. Patreon seems to prefer credit rather than debit cards. I got someone to pledge one $1 to test what it was like to sign up (it's a doddle, no different to anything else) but it declined the debit (though, that might have just been them).  Otherwise, smooth as a babies arse.

3. There is VAT added to any pledge - so adjust if you feel the need.  Those donating in the UK should find that the added VAT makes the dollar pledge about the same as it would be in pounds sterling (exchange being what it is!)

4. It's really easy. Minor computer problems aside, if you do any shopping online, it is no different.

See you tomorrow!

Oh, and a little teaser for the first Patreon supported project - Wartime Memories - is below.

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