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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Odds and Ends

Just a few things today - it's two days till first night and I'm gathering props and costumes together ready for tomorrows tech/dress.  Then a run of Ghost Storyteller.  Waiting in also for the script/programme for The Fantasy Terrorist Variations that arrived on Friday when I was at home, but they assumed I wasn't in, didn't even ring the bell, and left a card saying they missed me.  Most annoyed.
Today has been a good day for this little blog - started about 18 months ago and this month has had the most hits - even more than this time last year.  So, nice to see you've been reading.
I was in London yesterday doing a bit of publicity, being interviewed on Monocle 24 - a sort of commercial World Service radio station.  I discovered on the way that my shoes leaked, so did the interview barefoot - my shoes and socks quietly steaming on a radiator.  My host, Georgina Godwin, did not seem to be offended.  In fact, we did talk about my damp socks briefly during the interview, before moving onto ghosts, terrorists and arts subsidy - on which latter subject I don't think I was wholey convincing.  For those who missed the interview the station also do podcasts, so it may reappear shortly for you to judge for yourselves.
On the way to the interview I, and the other occupants of the West bound Metropolitan Line train at around 12.40pm were harangued by a gentleman slightly worse for wear and definitely very angry about something.  We all, dutifully, ignored him.  I caught his eye a couple of times (my technique must be off) but I think I got away with it.  It was only as he got off the train that I suddenly realised what he was talking about.  Beyond calling us scum, though using other four letter words instead, he was also calling us thieving cheapskates.
He was talking about the rebate.
Now that's a better class of drunk.

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