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Friday, 23 November 2012

Viva Espana

Okay, normally this close to the beginning of a run in London I would be blogging all about that - though as I have just mentioned the shows - tickets available here, BOOK NOW! - you could argue this blog is about them.  Except it isn't.  It's about another premiere - which is happening in Spain.  I am now an international playwright, quite accidentally I must add. 
The mastermind behind this production is Jamie-Glyn Bale who used to work at LOST and who was there when I won various very nice awards at their One-Act Festival.  He does work in Spain where for the last few years he has been wanting to translate and perform some of my monologues/plays.  Every so often an email would appear, I would give permission and then time would pass.  However, this year everything has come together - tonight there will be the first Spanish performance of a collection of pieces titled The Alternative Seagull and Other Stories.  Which translates as La Gaviota Alternativa y otras historiasHere is a link to prove this is true.  The company performing it are La Palabra Teatro and here is a link to their website similarly to prove that they too are true.  Because I do need to check every so often that it is.

If I wasn't stuck in rehearsals here, and had some spare cash, I would pop over and watch.  But I can't.  So, I'll just bask in the warm glow of performance.  My little babies have flown the nest - just look what they are doing now.
So, thank you Jamie and break many legs La Palabra Teatro.  May your Seagull fly... or if you know the content of my play, sit there doing very little unless moved by another person.

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