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Friday, 30 November 2012

The Story So Far...

In the beginning there was a big bang... or something like that. Stuff happened, planet came together, chains of protein got busy and eventually grew to realise lots of stuff.  Stuff, stuff, stuff.
Anyway, to more immediate history, we're premiered... as it were.  Had a few lovely audiences for both shows and started to get a sense of how to play the plays.  I know, that sounds a little odd - we've been rehearsing for weeks and we've only just figured that out?  Well, yes.  It takes an audience to tell you which bits work and which bits need work, what gets a laugh, what gets you killed.  Sometimes rehearsals - especially so with monologue work (which about 70% of this stuff is) - are just a mechanical exercise of building a car from instinct in a darkened room.  Yes, it feels like you've put it together correctly, but you won't know till the doors of the garage opens and you have some light to see by.  And sometimes that's when you discover you've put the engine in the boot.
Not so I think with these shows.  The audiences leave smiling, they leave us their email addresses and buy the scripts of the shows on their way out (if they haven't already done so).  Nothing reassures me more than an audience that wishes to spend more cash on the show AFTER it has finished.  Unhappy audiences do not do this.
But, it's still early doors, it's possible the audiences so far have been idiots who are delighted at the prospect of simply sitting in a darkened room, watching the words fly past their heads, happy in their ignorance.  It's possible that the future audiences will sit their, arms folded, grumpy faced going - well get on with it then.  This is entirely possible.  But unlikely.  I hope.
Photos from the show will follow soon - it's been a hectic week and we just haven't had the chance - so that's something to look forward to.
So, bye-bye November, you've been a busy month.  On with Christmas and a Happy New Run.

P.S.  You can buy tickets here.

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