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Monday, 26 November 2012

Teched Last Night

"Teched last night and we teched the night before,
We're all tired of teching, we don't want to tech anymore.
When we tech, we're as happy as can be,
But a hundred fucking lighting cues is much to much for me.

Wait for it, just wait for it,
We've another half an hour of this wanky shit,
We don't think the crew can take much more of it,
We don't want to do it anymore."

This above was a ditty I adjusted from "Gassed Last Night" when doing slides on a production of Oh What a Lovely War.  The tech wasn't actually that bad, it was a long one but it was a complex show - what are you going to do?  But it's always nice to have a moan, especially in verse.  It was however a versatile little number, wholey appropriate for other productions which were wanky to the nth degree.
I'm glad to say the technical rehearsal for Fantasy Terrorist Variations didn't fit the above.  It was very civilised.  I got on with the lights, while Simon and Keith ran lines.  We then did a cue to cue and a run.  A few minor stumbles on cues, but that's what tech rehearsals are for.  To rehearse.  And then get right.
So, just a few hours to go now people, book those tickets - etc - you know the drill by now
See you on the other side.

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