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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

At Last, Downloads Available!

At last, Teaching Gods & Bink! are available as downloads!  Just click the link below to get your hands on an award-winning piece of storytelling.

What's all the fuss about?  Have a listen to our trailer below...

Milk Bottle Audio Presents...
Teaching Gods & Bink 
by Robert Crighton

Performed by Cat LaCohie
Molly was left alone a lot. Her parents were always out. So she started talking to herself, to the furniture, to the house. And then the house answered back. A children’s story... just not for children.

Teaching Gods
Performed by Robert Crighton
Winner of the ‘Best Writing’ Award at the Lost Theatre One-Act Festival 2007
The Gods have invaded the University. All thoughts of normal academic life disappear as the campus dissolves into chaos. 
The flowers walk and the squirrels clean kitchens. Will the agents of chaos win against the hard nosed grey suited form of the Vice Chancellor? What do you think?


Fringe Report: “Verdict: Funny, fast-paced, with depth... There are a lot of good reasons to see the show. It's funny, fast-paced... surreal fantasy, with an edge of revenge... Robert Crighton performs with great energy and no little charm... well viewed after a drink, before a bigger one and some cheese, in celebration perhaps of strange dreams and the campus cat.” 

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