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Friday, 30 August 2013

Casting for The BIG Project

This blog post was first put out before 'The BIG Project' was revealed on 8th September 2013.  I haven't updated it much, deliberately leaving it fixed in the past.  However, full details of what was revealed at the launch can be found here and the casting process below is still in place.  Do get in touch - either by email or Twitter me @RobertCrighton

Actors / Artists / Collaborators Wanted:
Milk Bottle Productions 2014

Next year will be a big year for Milk Bottle with lots of shows wanting actors, as well as more vaguely defined people, to collaborate with, to help make new and exciting shows... The work is sporadic, so, though fee paying, is not going to get anyone rich, but that means it should fit round other work commitments.

There’s no rush – I’m looking to cast as I go along and there are still many months to go before the first show will even start rehearsal.  I can’t even tell you about the shows themselves until the official launch on Sunday 8th September – so, as I say, no rush.  [Actually, I can, follow this link!]

So, here’s how getting involved in what is currently known as The BIG Project.

Stage 1. Interest.  Now onwards...
Send me a general expression of interest and a CV.  I’m not interested in a photo, your physical appearance is of divine disinterest to me.  If I already know you and your work then just express an interest, we’ll go from there.  Just email me at
Stage 2.  Saying: ‘Hello!’  September onwards...
I need people I can work with – who I click with artistically.  So, rather than start with auditions, I’ll start with a meeting and coffee.  I want people who will respond and create, as well as performers who can do what I ask them to do.
Stage 3.  Auditions – Online and live.  November onwards...
By this stage there will be scripts and words and images and stuff which we can throw around.  Ideally I’d like to see online submissions on video before going to live auditions – though if you can’t make any of the live audition dates I will take your online audition as gospel.  I have cast people this way before.

Obviously, until I announce what I’m doing on Sunday 8th September at 1pm GMT (live andonline), you won’t know if this is something you want to be involved in.  But you can always say ‘Hello’ anyway.  It’s nice saying ‘Hello’.
Robert Crighton

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