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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Make Up Time

The thing about launching any new thing, especially a BIG thing, is the moment you set a date for it time moves both incredibly quickly and incredibly slowly.  I want to launch The BIG Project now.  I've got all this stuff I want to tell people - and I can't.  And then I realise that the stuff I've got to share is not fully laid out yet; the blurb is nearly there, the graphics are nearly there, the website stuff is nearly there - BUGGER it's all got to be done for next Sunday!
Hence the weird time moving too quickly and slowly at the same time.
I've spent the last couple of days filming videos and doing photo shoots - there are still many more to do.  The first shoot went okay - barring a tussle over room booking - and next week it's zebra time.  Yup, time to make myself up as a zebra.  It's that kind of week.  I did look for a zebra costume, and looked online for one.  I found children's costumes (which would be too small) and sexy lady zebra costumes (which might be useful for alternate Thursdays).  I got seriously weirded out by the idea of a sexy zebra; I mean who came up with the idea that dressing AS A ZEBRA is sexy?  Has anyone, ever, EVER, looked at a zebra and gone... hmmnn, yes, I could do with a bit of that?
Actually, don't answer that question.

Anyway, there is a good reason why I will be photographing myself as a zebra.  But I can't tell you yet.  In the same way I can post this picture...
Maybe related to The BIG Project.  Maybe not.
... and not tell you whether it has anything to do with the BIG Project at all.  All will be revealed in a week - the longest/shortest week EVER.

Sunday 8th September at 1pm
From the bar of the Quay Theatre, Sudbury
Live Streamed Online - at the Robert Crighton: Storyteller ustream channel

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