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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Launch of the Next Big Thing

Sunday 8th September at 1pm
From the bar of the Quay Theatre, Sudbury
Live Streamed Online - at the Robert Crighton: Storyteller ustream channel

In ten days time Robert is launching a major, major, MAJOR project.  It's currently known on Twitter as the BIG thing, but it's bigger than that - it's a project, a BIG project.  That's a little vague, but everything will be revealed on Sunday 8th September at 1pm (GMT), live online as well as physically in the bar of the Quay Theatre.

Robert is going to live stream the announcement, and at the same time will be releasing a full blog and links to all the MANY strands to the project online.  So, even if you can't make the physical launch, through the wonders of modern technology you can still be part of the action.  This is a project without boundaries - wherever you are in the world, you can help, you can be involved.  Did we mention it was BIG?

Details of content
Details of events
Details for casting - for those actors out there, there's some work going! UPDATE HERE!
Details for generally getting involved, non-professionally
Links to new content
New artwork, new plays, new projects...
JUST LOTS OF STUFF - not quite enough to block out the sun, but Robert's working on it.

In other Milk Bottle news...

At last, Teaching Gods & Bink! are available as downloads!  Just click the link below to get your hands on an award-winning piece of storytelling.

Milk Bottle Audio Presents...
Teaching Gods & Bink 
by Robert Crighton

Performed by Cat LaCohie
Molly was left alone a lot. Her parents were always out. So she started talking to herself, to the furniture, to the house. And then the house answered back. A children’s story... just not for children.

Teaching Gods
Performed by Robert Crighton
Winner of the ‘Best Writing’ Award at the Lost Theatre One-Act Festival 2007
The Gods have invaded the University. All thoughts of normal academic life disappear as the campus dissolves into chaos. 
The flowers walk and the squirrels clean kitchens. Will the agents of chaos win against the hard nosed grey suited form of the Vice Chancellor? What do you think?


Milk Bottle Productions Presents...
The Summoning of Everyman
An Immersive Theatre Production
Adapted and performed by Robert Crighton

The Summoning of Everyman is a powerful morality tale, written by an unknown author in the late medieval period, telling of the struggles for one man, for every man, to let go of his life.  This interactive performance brings this struggle directly to the audience, asking them to become part of the story, asking them to stand in the footsteps of Fellowship, Good Deeds and even Death himself.  It’s a question that each generation has to answer: can you really take anything with you after death?  Moving, beautiful and thought provoking – ultimately the Summoning comes to Everyone.

This is an immersive performance, everyone will be asked to help create the show in various simple ways.  Don’t worry this isn’t Pantomime, there are no songs or catchphrases.  The audience is moved around the space by Robert as characters in the story – the performance is personally addressed to you.  No acting skills required, just to stand, sit and be yourself, guided by Robert through the story.

Tickets are Pay-What-You-Want, so you choose at the end of the show how much you want to give for the show at the end.  For general booking inquiries us at – or call 07704 704 469.

Performing Saturday 26th October at 7.00pm
Doors open 6.30pm, show starts 7.00pm – NO ADMITTANCE FOR LATECOMERS
The London Theatre - New Cross, The Lower Space, 443 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6TA
Tickets Available from -

WHAT THE AUDIENCE SAID: Guildhall Lavenham, Easter 2013

“We were so impressed... Robert Crighton is a one man tour de force he has you gripped from start to finish.”  DC Starpop
“A rewarding experience both as an audience member and a participant!  A fascinating interpretation of this medieval morality tale and I recommend it highly... a compelling one man show.”  Nick Elliott
“Touching and inspirational.”  Phil Hope
“With absolute ease he made the text accessible to a contemporary audience...” David Owen-Bell
“I would certainly recommend Robert and this 5 star performance to Everyman and Woman!!   A truly sensational performance by Robert!”  Dan
“... a compelling and engaging piece of storytelling...”  Annie Eddington
"A veritable tour de force..."  Rev. Stephen Earl
“Great acting, and what a memory!”  Arthur

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