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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Metal Harvest in the Edit

This weekend has been all about the edit of Metal Harvest.  That isn't quite true, I've done some other stuff - recorded some audio for the Martin Hewitt, Investigator releases/watched season two of The Expanse/drank some coffee/wrote an outline for a new possible sci-fi show - but Metal Harvest is the main thing.  I've got audio from the live show, I've got a studio record and a mix for the music.  I've so far done a rough cut of the first third of the show.  By the time the day is over the rough edit should be done, the foley and re-records (for some reason I said entirely the wrong word in the first record - doh!) will be in the can, and tomorrow I can do the finishing touches and the mix.
Metal Harvest isn't perfect as audio - I have got video recordings of the show, but that edit will be a long time in coming - but it should still be rather good.  It lived naturally on stage, but there is a lot of cross over.  It was originally slated for production in 2014, when I pitched the idea to a musician friend Richard Fawcett.  In the end we had a good six months to work on it on and off, premiering it in 2015 - and I have to say it came out well.  Well enough to take it out again in 2016, which is when we recorded the live show.
This version will mix the best of the live show, with the moments that are best from the studio.  It'll be out to my patrons via patreon on Tuesday, will get a lo-fi stream on Saturday, and be released generally a week Wednesday.  To get the download and keep version, become a patron - it's easy to do and really makes a difference.  I can't create this work without your support - and every little helps.

Richard Fawcett & me, during my favourite part of the show
Metal Harvest
Written & performed by Robert Crighton
With Music by Richard Fawcett

“This is the story of a shell...” Throughout the First World War the armaments created passed through many hands – from those in the mines and factories who made them, to those who transported the boxes and those who fired the guns.  This is the story of one shell, the story of those who touched it and whose lives were changed by it.  Told in words, music, image and song, Metal Harvest is the latest work from award-winning theatre producer Robert Crighton, made in collaboration with musician Richard Fawcett.

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