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Saturday, 9 September 2017

New Audio - The Shakespeare Delusion

New Audio drops today - The Shakespeare Delusion - a reimagining of my stage play for audio.  You can listen to it below, or you can search for The Worlds of Robert Crighton in your podcast provider, where all my audio lives.
Happy Saturday.

The Shakespeare Delusion
Written and performed by Robert Crighton
Professor Ashborn invites you to share in his latest discoveries and lead you through the terrible secrets behind the man people call Shakespeare.  Did he really write the plays?  Was he really bald?  Did he really like cheese?  Using recently uncovered documentation Professor Ashborn can finally tell the true and completely true, truly true, utterly true, true, true story of the truth behind the Shakespeare delusion! 

Audience Comments for The Shakespeare Delusion (2014):  “Fabulous production... Just recovering from high octane performance of @RobertCrighton The Shakespeare Delusion #immense...  I SO knew where The Shakespeare Delusion was going - & I was SO wrong!!! Chekhov meets Berkoff as  performed by Stephen Fry.”

Next Up: The Wheel of Shame or, The Noises of the Hamster in the Night-time
Classic comic ghost story for everyone who's ever brutally murdered their hamster as a child.  Should drop sometime on Thursday.

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