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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


The problem with You Have Been Watching from a worry-it-might-all-go-tits-up kind of way is that it is reliant on technology.  It needs lots of devices to all work at the same time and not go horribly wrong.  There is little I can do to get away from this as it is about... technology.  It's about cameras and machines looking into and recording our lives.  Just heaven help me if there's a power cut.
The use of so much technology to record the show is ironic.  I'm going to be adding to the general misery of the universe by creating more content and more information about people that will be shared to anyone in the world.  This is why all participants (audience and performers) will need to sign wavers as they go in.  Like we all do, every time we see a terms and conditions form tick box online and just tick away without ever reading the terms and conditions.  Perhaps we like signing our rights away?  Perhaps that can be a form of entertainment in itself?
Anyway, two big (really stupidly big actually) boxes arrived at Milk Bottle HQ today.  No idea where I'm going to put them.  They were not cheap but they will be used for most of my shows in the next few years.  So, per show, they'll pay for themselves.  But, at the moment, they just eat space.
But must dash.  Someone has just suggested soup for lunch.  Soooup, soooup!  As Baby Clanger would say.
Oh, and today's audio episode of Lost Tribe of the Trolls is available now!

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