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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Watching watching...

I wrote this post over a week ago and decided not to post it until after the show...

Right, so, yeah... it's a little over a week till Project Two: You Have Been Watching goes up... I'm working on the last material for the show.  That goes to the company tomorrow.  The last pieces before we go into endgame.  There is some sense of wood/trees going on in my head at the moment.  I've props on order that are yet to arrive, I've technology I need to get working and I still don't quite know where everything goes.
This isn't anything to worry about - especially to everyone who's coming to the show - hi! - because there is a week and I'm not lost or anything.  I just don't one hundred percent know what I'm doing.
This is an interesting feeling.  Most of the time I have a very clear idea what I'm doing.  Even when I first started to create theatre over a decade ago I instinctively got it.  Didn't mean I got it right, but I got it.  You move here to do this so that that can happen over there - simple.
I'm creating an art installation.  With volunteers.  In a very small space.  On no budget.  I don't know whether what I'm doing is horribly cliched or not.  I suspect part of it is.  I don't know.  It's not quite my field.
The reason why I'm doing this is partly because it isn't.  I know how to do plays.  I'm (dare I say it) a bit bored of directing them because I largely know how it's done now.  Acting, that's different, that's just fun.   Even as a writer, I'm starting to chafe at the boundaries of my medium and my own tropes.  There are still different plays to be written, but I'm starting to find that I don't want to just create narrative anymore.
So, something different.  Something more art orientated.  Something possibly shit.  Because I don't quite know what I'm doing yet.  Yet.  I'll figure it out.

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