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Monday, 10 February 2014

Watching Brief

With a week to go - A WEEK! - before You Have Been Watching goes up, let me give you a snap shot of a typical rehearsal.

I arrive slightly late as an earlier rehearsal overran.  Cast have ordered a drink in my absence, saving me offering.  Result.
We gather in a small group of two or three and I start off the first 'exhibit' in the show.  The performer involved gives me a terrified look as I explain what I want them to do.  The other performers sigh, relieved that they're not first.
We run the piece.  Notes, suggestions, discussion.  I leave the 'exhibit' to run with another member of the company and work on someone else.
Repeat of earlier fear, though now with a different person.  Run, notes, tweaks, run.
By the end of the rehearsal all the 'exhibits' run at the same time - I go round being awkward / taking photos. (Though I forgot the camera this week - hence no photos!  DOH.)
We set tasks for the next meet and head for the bar for alcohol to dull the pain.

I tend to arrive with little confidence in what I want to do - and then find I'm surprised how well it all works.  There's a lot to be organised for Monday 17th February and I'm a little stressed as some of the costumes will (in theory) arrive two days before hand and some might not arrive in time at all.  Which could prove irritating and expensive.  But you'd be surprised how much can be done props wise thanks to a 99p shop.

Tickets for this one off performance are available now - pay-what-you-want on the night - and can be reserved at the Quay Box Office as normal.  Box Office: 01787 374 745

You Have Been Watching
Written and Devised by Robert Crighton
Performing at the Quay Theatre (Upstairs) on Monday 17th February at 7.30pm
Tickets available online at
Box Office: 01787 374 745

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